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Petra Reich

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Remedial massage is possibly the most sought out of the bodywork therapies in line with Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic practices.


This therapy works with the body as a whole recognising that everything is inter-related within the human model.

This practice utilises various soft tissue massage techniques, joint mobilisations, passive and active stretching within a frame work that can range from gentle to deep pressure. Treatments are always carried out within the client’s range of comfort level.


Overworked muscles, be from exercise, postural distortions, stressful work patterns, repetitive injuries and chronic strain can lead to muscle tiredness, development of knots, overlapping tension and general aching discomfort.

With regular treatments of Remedial massage, a balance can be achieved to a healthy muscular level within your body so you can enjoy the things you love, so you can get the most out of your days.


Health is not an option, it is your personal right to freedom within your body and you are the only one responsible for that.

Utilising Remedial massage even if it is once a month can dramatically improve, energy levels, sleep patterns, reduce stress levels, increase digestive functions, balance blood pressure and most importantly bring a connected awareness to you and your body for the enjoyment of the future.


Let’s be honest, we get one chance and our body is our car for our minds. You need to actively take care of it and that means regular service and oil change. These are things we automatically take care of with our real cars so why not our bodies.


Remedial massage incorporates osteopathic teachings that can bring your musculature into alignment with your skeletal system. Fighting against tight tense muscles can be tiresome and will really wear your energy down quick.


It’s time to take charge, and release this tension and really feel the benefits of regular Remedial massage therapy today for yourself!      

Remedial Massage

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Petra is a Bowen therapist, remedial massage therapist and current student for the

Bachelor of Health Science in

Clinical Myoterhapy


Treatments are elgible for

Private health fund rebates