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What are types of treatments are available?

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Bringing your muscles back into Balance and alignment for:

- Lasting Pain Relief

- Reduced Stress Levels

- More ease in your yoga poses

- Increased clarity

- Better body awareness



Bowen is a physical technique targeting your muscles and connective tissue as we store many old stresses and patterns in our bodies. My aim is to help your body re-align itself, reduce physical tension and help the nervous system create more ease and flow. My passion is to re-connect you with your muscle's and your body's own healing power.


Therapy for your Muscles with Bowen Therapy/ Massage

Bowen Therapy / Massage


Benefits musculoskeletal issues, lymphatic health,  

acute or chronic pain or injuries.


Bowen is as a form of soft tissue bodywork for pain relief, alignment, relaxation, detoxification and to support good health.






Bowen Therapy incorporating Kinesiology


Our physical muscle tension and misalignments are often a result of stress. Even misaligments from an old injury can cause discomfort or pain as our nervous system is contiuously reinforcing old patterns of motion.

Complementing the physical treatment of Bowen therapy we can use techniques such as acupressure and vibrational and energetic healing tools to help break those patterns, bringing your body back to its original nature and healing abilities.


You might notice that many of those old programs not always cause pain. Many misaligments result in a lack of energy and vitality continously draining the body's resources.

This often results in digestive issues, trouble sleeping, reduced immunity, restlessness or fatigue and other health issues.


A session is always aimed towards the imbalance but also aims to address and release the underlying causes of the issue.


Balanced muscles and the release of old nervous patterns create more energy, vitality, ease and lets the body function at its fullest potential.

Initial treatments include assessments and taking a complete history of your health.


This helps us create the best possible treament plan for your issue and gives us an idea about what we would like to achieve with the session. We can be address a specific issue or pain or simply balance and realign the body to create more ease and to release energy blocks in the tissues.


Treatments can  be applied to light clothing or directly to the skin so we may ask you to remove some clothing. However we continuously ensure your level of comfort and respect for your privacy therefore you will be appropriately draped and covered at all times.


Bowen moves range from gentle to deep depending on your issue, level of health, existing conditions and level of comfort.


The physical treatment can feel deeply relaxing. Bring warm clothing to wear after your session and make sure that you stay well hydrated before and after a session in order to receive the greatest benefits.


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