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What are the types of treatments are available?


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Therapy for your Muscles with Bowen Therapy & Kinesiology


What is Kinesiology?

Literally kinesiology is the science of body movement based on the word 'kinetics'.


The practitioner applies gentle muscle testing to assess stress and imbalances in the body.


Robbie Zeck, Kinesiologist and author of 'Blossoming Heart' describes the modality like this:


"Muscle testing used by Kinesiologists does not measure the pure physical strength that a muscle can produce, but rather how the nervous system controls its muscle functions.


There are over two-hundred bones connected to hundreds of muscles in the body. These all need to be working properly together, to enable good nerve, lymph and blood supply throughout the body. Gentle corrections and alignment of these systems may be applied to balance the body's physical structure.


Muscle monitoring is used to assess what is functioning abnormally. This can be eg. a problem with the nervous system, the lymphatic drainage, the vascular supply to a muscle or organ, a nutritional excess or deficiency, a problem with the cranial-sacral - TMJ mechanism, an imbalance in the meridian system or a host of other problems. Testing individual muscles in an accurate manner and determining what is affecting physiological functioning of the body helps to more accurately find what is going on. Various treatment methods are then applied to the problems that have been found.


Kinesiology borrows from many different disciplines and through the use of accurate, scientific muscle testing, in addition to the knowledge of the practitioner, helps direct the care to exactly what the patient's needs are."




Kinesiology Sessions for Mums and Kids!


Watch the video below and find out how kinesiology can help


Children with:

- Learning difficulties and brain integration

- Stress and anxieties



- Stress and overwhelm

- Create clarity

- Tackle the inner critic

- Self-love and self-care as the foundation of wisdom and balance




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How do I use it in a treatment?

The physical treatment with Bowen already works on multiple levels and with the help of muscle testing we can assess and clear additional stress in the body to reinforce the treatment and create a lasting result.


The muscle testing is used as an indicator for underlying stress and imbalances in the body and can be used to find the necessary tools to bring the body back into balance.


This might include working with Flower Essences, Essential oils, Sound, Acupressure or Acupoints and other related points that influence the body's systems.


Awareness and the active participations in the clients own healing process, however, create the most powerful tool.


Kinesiology taps into the body's self-healing mechanism and empowers the client to be in charge of their own health and healing.  

Tuning Forks

Tuning forks can be used to re-align the body

Essential Oils and Flower Essences

create awareness, balance and clear stress

Specific points on the body influence neuropathways, vascular flow, energetic balance and can impact our emotional and spiritual wellbeing

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Listen to your heart...

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Bowen Therapy / Massage


Benefits musculoskeletal issues, lymphatic health,  

acute or chronic pain or injuries.


Bowen is as a form of soft tissue bodywork for pain relief, alignment, relaxation, detoxification and to support good health.



Bowen Therapy incorporating Kinesiology


Our physical muscle tension and misalignments are often a result of stress. Even misaligments from an old injury can cause discomfort or pain as our nervous system is contiuously reinforcing old patterns of motion.

Complementing the physical treatment of Bowen therapy we can use techniques such as acupressure and vibrational and energetic healing tools to help break those patterns, bringing your body back to its original nature and healing abilities.


You might notice that many of those old programs not always cause pain. Many misaligments result in a lack of energy and vitality continously draining the body's resources.

This often results in digestive issues, trouble sleeping, reduced immunity, restlessness or fatigue and other health issues.


A session is always aimed towards the imbalance but also aims to address and release the underlying causes of the issue.


Balanced muscles and the release of old nervous patterns create more energy, vitality, ease and lets the body function at its fullest potential.