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Did you get a Flu Shot this season?


  • Do you often get sick or feel kind of poor after the flu vaccine shot?

  • You really don't want to catch that nasty cold or flu this season

  • You're highly in demand and need to have heaps of energy but you're  feeling drained

  • You're craving the sweet stuff to give you energy


If you answered yes to any of the above, your body needs a boost to get the most out of the medication and get rid of the stuff that is harmful.

If you didn't get a flu shot then you need to build up your guard naturally.

Kinesiology and Bowen Therapy can help you do that.


Get Nature's Flu Shot!

Special Immune-Boost Package

Three Sessions to power up your immune system


Package includes:

1st Treatment:

Balancing you to the Flu Vaccine with Kinesiology, so your body receives the greatest benefit from the medication  

2nd Treatment: 

Lymphatic drainage session with Bowen Therapy

3rd Treatment:

Boosting Immunity with Kinesiology


Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find and clear stress and imbalances in the body.

As part of an immune system balance, Kinesiology can be used to make sure that your body is getting the greatest benefit from the flu vaccine, takes in what it needs and gets rid of what it doesn't need harmoniously. In the third treatment we specifically address the organs and systems related to our immune system and clear stress and imbalances.


Bowen Therapy is a wholistic form of body work, rolling and stretching over the muscles. The physical application of Bowen Therapy in the Lymphatic Drainage treatment helps the body detoxify and naturally boost lymphatic function, circulation and hydration. Bowen also helps with muscular tension and can be deeply relaxing on the nervous system. Less stress on the system gives the body time to regenerate and restore.

Applied in combination they create balance and self-healing and provide stress relief you can physically feel in your muscles.

Buy the voucher today to ensure your spot! Alternatively payment can be be made on the day of your first treatment and is available by Eftpos or Credit card at no extra charge.

Call us to pay by bank transfer or click the 'Buy now' button to use PayPal.


                Get Help with




Do you, or somebody you know suffer from sciatica or shooting pain down the legs?

Remedial Massage as well as Kinesiology with Bowen Therapy are a very effective way of dealing with this common ailment.


Massage provides the soft tissue work required to loosen the muscles that affect the sciatic nerve locally and throughout the body. Kinesiology in combination with Bowen Therapy also targets to create balance in these muscles and helps release the tension and their triggers.


We can provide you with advice for self-treatment to help manage and relieve the pain and prevent sciatica from reoccurring.


Contact us today to talk about how we can help you get better.


Hayfever! Try Bowen Therapy.

You dread those days when nothing seems to bring relief and the nose and eyes are irritated as your mood plummets.


Bowen Therapy applies a variety of moves that target to bring

relief in the blocked areas of the sinuses and the respiratory



It also helps the body to handle the allergens and helps

boost the immune system by encouraging  detoxification

processes and lymphatic flow.


It can help ease the tension in

neck and shouders as well as headaches.


Book now to receive a complimentary hayfever homoeopathic to take home after your treatment.

Limited stock, so book in quickly.



Our Focus of the Month

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Building your defence

Boost your energy


So you don't need to


  • Take sick leave

  • Worry about everyone's snotty nose and trying not to touch anything on the train

  • Miss out on your workouts

  • Miss out on business

  • Soldier on drugged with cold medication 

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