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Five Performance Drainers

How you get more out of your workouts with Muscle Therapy

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1. Your job requires you to do repetitive movements or you sit or stand for a long period of time.

Niggles, pain and ultimately injuries caused by our posture and movements at work are ultimately caused by one thing: Routine and repetition. We are human, we love a bit of routine and when we hit the gym or whatever sport or workout we choose, we often use certain routines again without counteracting the imbalances we have caused throughout the workday. Needless to say that we often aggravate certain hot-spots and reach our limits earlier than we had hoped.


2. You suffer from an injury in the past that's still affecting your performance

We have to remember that our bodies work for us, not against us. Our bodies constantly strive for balance and alignment. To counteract pain and misalignment the body will make sure to comply. For example, it lays down a network of collagen fibres around inactive areas and areas that are not aligned. This amazing weaving can then lead to stiffness, pain and often referred pain in another areas caused by the imbalance.

The mission of a muscular therapist is to help break up those fibres, help the body re-learn the correct neuropathways, address the inactive areas so they get ‘switched on’ again and find triggers that have caused those areas to be latent.


3. You have pain.

Let’s face it. Pain sucks, it sucks our energy and sucks away the fun and popping a few pain killers is often necessary but not a long term solution. Muscular treatments address the cause of the pain instead of addressing the symptoms. Muscle therapists are pain detectives and can help you uncover the origin of pain to get you back on track.


4.Your sports activities involve putting yourself in positions that are not natural to the body and you require re-balancing (cycling, mountain-biking, surfing,...)

As mentioned earlier, any movements of the body that are repetitive and put us in positions we aren’t naturally designed to be in can put a stress on our system. There are two parts a muscle therapist will address an issue due to a certain sport, in order to increase your performance. The first one is preventative. Once you’ve done your homework and learned the correct posture from your coach, trainer or your own brilliant self, the therapist can look at the difficulties you have in maintaining this posture and might address things such as alignment and the activation of the right muscle groups to do the job.

The other part is creating balance. Whilst it is important that you find activities that counteract your repetitive movements or posture, remedial body work helps to break up tension and stress patterns in the muscle fibres, aids in lubricating the connective tissue and creates greater flexibility.


5.You're a bit of a stress head.

Any sport is competitive if we want to admit it or not even if we just stand in competition with ourselves. However a workout or sport should not be stressful and venting about your crap day at work whilst exercising or going for a peddle is sort of counter-productive on so many levels. There are many reasons why stress is decreasing your performance and the most obvious are your long-term stress hormones. Getting an adrenalin boost which is a short term stress hormone helps us release more energy and pump more blood into the areas we need. But if we carry a constant level of stress and don’t have a way of switching off, the body creates long-term stress hormones called cortisol. Cortisol is great in the short term helping the body convert protein into energy and so on, but constant high cortisol levels are not our friend and especially not great work-out buddies because they drain our energy and make us feel depleted.  

Bodywork is a great tool to reduce stress levels. It acts relaxing and soothing on the nervous system. When combined with a wholistic treatment stress patterns can be released and the body can work more efficiently.



So if one or more of the above applies to you and you want to boost your performance, call or see us for a chat.

Don’t stress, it’s never too late to look after yourself. Don’t wait around for that niggle to turn into tension and pain either.


We are happy to help!



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