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Petra Reich

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"May our actions not arise from fear and panic but from love and care for ourselves and for others."


We have not been here before...


As the information changes daily, I encourage you to monitor the Australian Government Department of Health website and the other resources listed below.


I have decided to temporarily close the clinic.


This is only a preemptive measure.

My professional association, Myotherapy Assosciation Australia, as well as the Bowen Therapy Federation still leave it up to the individual therapist to decide whether to continue practicing or to close their doors.


Susan and Michael Houghton from Bikram Yoga Fitzroy, the home of my clinic space, needed to close their yoga studio doors .

Their decision to keep their community safe has not only been based on government regulations.

They made this decision out of care, love and respect for their cherished community.


However, I do feel a responsibility to contiuously support the physical and mental wellbeing of the community with Bowen Therapy.


I will keep you updated on further decisions and on a potential re-opening of the practice.


If you are an existing client, you will receive any updates via my newsletter.

Future updates can also be found here on the website as well as the facebook page.


Meanwhile, I encourage you to practice making heart centered decisions, look out for yourself, your loved ones, your community and the people who are most vulnerable at this time.








March 23rd 2020

Petra Reich