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Q&A: Can you combine Bowen & Kinesiology?

By Tree Green Qi, Aug 4 2017 02:58AM

Bowen, kinesiology or both? Clients often ask me if the physical treatment with Bowen therapy can be combined with mind-body work using kinesiology.

Here is my most recent response to an email I received from a client who suffers from jaw pain and sinus issues.

Her question initial question was: "Can Bowen therapy help with middle ear issues and jaw problems?"

Bowen is a form of myofascial release which means that it works on the

connective tissue that holds our tissue, organs, muscles and bones together.

Your condition may benefit from Bowen work as it can help release the

tension in your jaw and can help promote the drainage of fluid around your

sinuses and the middle ear. Even though there is no guarantee on this

effect, Bowen definitely assists the body's self-healing mechanisms and can

give your nervous and muscular system a lot of relief.

This lead to her second question: "Can Bowen and kinesiology be combined?"

Yes, Bowen and kinesiology can definitely be combined. It is so important to

find the underlying patterns of the stresses in our muscles and tissues and

many of them originate from mental and energetic patterns that show up in

how our nervous system responds to those stresses. Bowen addresses this

naturally and kinesiology helps to create awareness, break patterns and

shine a light on the underlying causes. Our bodies are really wise and if we

truly connect and listen in it will show us the right steps to assist our

healing and enjoy the journey at the same time. This is how we explore and

feel drawn to certain things like finding the right chiropractor, start that

mediation practice, do the yoga class and whatever else you feel drawn to.

I wish you an amazing journey and if you'd like to book in I'd be happy to

be a part of it.

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