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3 Tools to calm your anxiety - Addressing Stress and Anxiety with Kinesiology

By Tree Green Qi, Jul 25 2016 12:57PM

Think of a situation when something minor, stressed you so much that you drew a mental blank. An everyday situation that seems like it shouldn’t make you nervous suddenly makes the blood rush out of your head and your hands get clammy. Your body goes into fight or flight response.

We all have these situations that in hindsight trivial leave us with less clarity, less presence and entirely stressed.

Many people suffer from this kind of stress on a regular basis. And this is where we separate between feeling stressed or anxious and suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia and is more than just feeling stressed or worried. While stress and anxious feelings are a common response to a situation where we feel under pressure, they usually pass once the stressful situation has passed, or ‘stressor’ is removed.1

But what if I told that we all have some aspects of our lives that let us live in the grey area between anxiety and feeling anxious? We all have a number of underlying anxieties and fears that are keeping us from living our lives to our fullest potential.

The thing to realise is that certain situations or stressors are not the reason why we feel anxious, they are merely the trigger that makes us respond a certain way. A response that gets our nervous system so fired up that we go into fight or flight mode. This response is based on our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Our underlying fears and worries are driving an automatic response. Often there is a disconnection between what feels right and how we actually react.

So the question is what can we do to bring clarity and calmness back into our lives? I’d like to share with you some simple but effective tools to get your body out of the fight or flight mode and back into the present moment. These tools are based on techniques I use in my Kinesiology sessions. The idea of using kinesiology and our awareness is to break the underlying patterns of stress, view our old beliefs and give the body and the mind a new way of responding to the events around us.

1.) Emotional Stress relief points (ESR points)

In a stressful situation we often intuitively place our hand on our forehead.

Holding the ESR points on your frontal eminences and waiting for them to pulse in synchronicity signals the body to draw the attention back to the present moment instead of going into an automatic response.

You can combine holding the points on your forehead with holding the back of your head at the same time by placing your hand just underneath the occiput, the lowest part of your skull just above the neck.

2.) Acu-point Heart 5

Acupuncture points can be held to calm the body and re-connect the mind with the heart. Heart 5 acu-point is grounding and brings you back into the moment to break the old pattern and access new ways of thinking. The point is located on your wrist directly between the two tendons on the little finger side of the arm.

3.) Stop, listen, breathe

The first thing we try and do when we feel uncomfortable is trying to make the bad feeling disappear. We wish for a Neurofen that makes the stress go away like a headache. But the only way to break old patterns is to recognize that they are there. So next time you feel anxious, ask yourself. Is this a rational response? Am I in actual danger? What am I worried about? Where would I be without the thought?

Take a deep breath in, hold your breath for a few counts before you exhale fully. After the next inhale slightly try to increase the count before you exhale again. This lets you focus on your breath and re-directs your attention.

What would your life be like if you had more clarity, reduced stress and more freedom and choice over your feelings? The answers lie within your body and kinesiology can help you tap into this wisdom.

Book now for your session. Petra is only available on Wednesdays so make sure to secure your spot. Call Petra on 0459494957 for more information and to find out if kinesiology can work for you. For bookings please contact Kundalini House or visit us online.

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Disclaimer: Kinesiology and Bowen Therapy are no replacement for medical care by a doctor or mental health professional when it is indicated. Information in this article is educational in nature and is intended to assist you to become more familiar and conscious of your health status and is to be used at your own discretion.

If you or someone you know need help or immediate support with anxiety or depression please contact

Or call Beyondblue’s support service to talk to a trained mental health professional:

1300 22 46 36

1 Quote: Beyondblue, About Anxiety

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